A+ In Depth by Jean Andrews

A decade ago, Jean Andrews, a mathematics teacher at Motlow State Community College in Tullahoma, Tennessee, was approached by the administration and asked to teach a computer repair class. She determined that the best way to teach such a class would be with a hands on method so she began by working on the computers at the college until her skills developed to the point that she was able to repair and maintain all of the college’s computers. After preparing materials for her own classes, her expertise as a leading expert in PC maintenance became well known. With the launching of her book A+ In Depth this best-selling author, shares her expertise with consumers at competitive prices.

Additionally, the CD contains important MeasureUp software, containing 100 practice questions for each exam and a discount for CompTIA exams offered through Prometric, which, with the savings on the book itself, saves users approximately $50. The reader should make sure, however, to get the 2004 version, of this book that maps “100% to CompTIA’s 2003 A+ Upgrade Core Hardware and OS Technologies Exams” and covers both hardware and multiple operating systems including Windows XP Professional and the newer 64 bit processors.

On a negative note, the user should be made aware that many of the questions at the end of the chapters do not relate to the content in the chapter. For example, one of the questions in chapter 1 asks about IRQs, which had not been covered by the book at this point. Additionally, I felt that the book was not instructive enough in some areas like her section on checking the power supply. The problem I found was that she neglected to inform the reader not to disconnect the power supply before checking it since disconnecting it and turning it on can irreparably damage or destroy it.

On the positive side, however, I would note that while the test questions do not duplicate what is on the actual test the CD’s test questions do provide some valuable insight to the Comptia test process itself. In addition, the book, which is quite lengthy, is full of useful information that introduces you to the hardware in chapter 1 and then takes you through Understanding and Installing Hard Drives in chapter 7 to ending with an appendix on understanding Linux. So, overall I would recommend A+ In Depth by Jean Andrews to someone preparing to take their A+ certification exam but might note that you might also wish to study Scott Mueller’s book Upgrading and Repairing PCs.

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