I Figured It Out – I Know What's Missing In Vista!

So I’m sitting at my laptop, and I said to myself, “Ron,” (this is what I call myself) “do you know what’s missing in Vista?” The skies parted, birds began singing, the sun was shining brightly and then a voice – not a normal human voice, but a voice from up above – spoke. (Now, I’ve heard these voices before but my shrink says that two or three more electric shocks and all should be well.)

But for now, I listen to the voice (or was it voices?) to find the answer to the meaning of life… no, I mean to the meaning of the universe… oops… I mean what’s missing in the big V.

Then I got the answer: It’s us. We consumers have no “WOW!” I think we lost our “WOW!” sometime after 98 (or was it XP?) when we realized that we didn’t care anymore what the computer screen looked like as long as the computer just worked. At the same time, most of us also began to realize that high-speed Internet was good, while dial-up was not so good. No matter how quickly our processor processed, our fingers couldn’t type any faster, and in general we accepted the computer for what it really was: Another appliance. A tool. No more, no less.

Let’s face it. When was the last time you said “WOW!” when you bought a new toaster? How about a new blender? New underwear?

So does anyone really think that if you buy a new computer with Vista on it your neighbor when he/she sees it is really going to say “WOW!” Run home, get a hammer, and beat their XP machine to death?

Sorry, Microsoft. We are ‘WOW-LESS!” And it’s not your fault. It’s just that computers have become too common.

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