Vista – My System Freezes For No Reason – Workaround For Now.

Dear Bill,

I’ve got a problem. Last week while Windows Vista Ultimate was sitting idle, no programs open, no updates being downloading, no nothing, my system just froze up. No mouse, no keyboard, nothing. I couldn’t get it unfroze. I tried ALL of the tricks I know, nada.

Fortunately I have my system to power off when I push the on/off button on my tower. That worked as a work around for now. But it took about 5 minutes to really, really shutdown. OK. It was just a fuke. No harm no foul. But then the next day it did it again. What’s up with that?

Hardware problem? I don’t think so. You see I dual boot Vista and XP on the same computer. And for the past year XP hasn’t even whimpered. It just works. No freezes, no blue screens, no problems.

I even rooted around in the performance, reliability and log files. The system is running just fine. Nothing is wrong, is wrong, is wrong, is wrong………….!

Suggestion: You may wish to expedite the release of SP1 for Vista. πŸ™‚

All the best, Ron

PS I still don’t have any sound working in Vista either. πŸ™

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