FCC – Takes Another Look At Broadband Policies – Needs My Help

The FCC [Federal Communication Commission] a regulatory agency for the US government, is going to take another look at some of the procedures they first outlined back in 2005. And it looks like they may need help so I thought I would present my own views, since I am a expert broadband user. I can prove that statement by having anyone just look at the price I’m paying for cable! Only a expert or a idiot would pay such a high price, and so I choose to be a expert.

Here are some of the things the FCC is going to look at

  • How broadband providers are managing Internet traffic on their networks today – Easy. They are trying to squeeze the lowest amount of bandwidth to the largest amount of consumer as possible.
  • Whether providers charge different prices for different speeds or capacities of service – No duh! All you have to do is go to ATT’s site and see the the different rates being charged for different speeds.
  • Whether our policies should distinguish between content providers that charge end users for access to content and those that do notWhy bother. Any good lawyer can make their company look either way, depending on the day of the week.
  • How consumers are affected by these practices – Right in the pocket book.

What is really sad about the US is that we are supposed to be the technology leaders of the world. Yet we saddle our selves with a system that is lack luster in performance compared to Europe. All in the name of corporate greed. And you can have that Verizon guy running around with the thousand employees following him saying “can you hear me know” until hell freezes over.

We know how it really is. Dropped calls are the rule not the exception. And wi-fi when available is spotty. So FCC, I know you people can’t really do anything about this situation, so why even put up any pretense of trying.

Oh, are we really, really going to get HDTV in 2008? Or will there be some other excuse why we won’t get it? 🙁
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