Spam: How Do You Fight Back?

Let’s be honest here, we have lost the battle with spam. That’s it, toss in the towel, the war is over. But for those of us left fighting considering our reliance on email, what tools are best to combat this problem? Anyone with a clue realizes that blacklisting solutions are not very effective. So this leaves us to looking at options like the Spam Cube and the Spam Stick.

I must admit, I can’t help but feel the Spam Stick might be a more effective than other more commonly used alternatives. It would prove therapeutic to make stabbing motions at your monitor when the overpriced options many of us have tried thus far continue to fail. It may not stop spam, but it might make you feel like you are fighting back on some level.

So what do you think? Which anti-spam options have you found to be effective? I have a 98.27% success rate with filtering provided with POPFile (trained) and Pirillo is a fan of SpamBayes using similar technology. Do you believe hardware solutions such as the Spam Cube could be a happy medium for most common email users? Hit the comments, let’s talk about it.

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