Cool Quiz

A little knowledge can be dangerous. A lot of knowledge can be even more so. But a whole lot of knowledge will give you today’s Warped site. So put on your thinking cap and lets head over to Cool Quiz.

The name of the site reflects what it is all about. It is about quizzes, you know the kind we hated in school, and it’s a pretty cool site. After spending sometime here, I’m sure you’ll agree. Among the interesting topics covered here, there is trivia, puzzles, humor, games, and quizzes. What kind of stuff do those categories contain? For example, there is:

The Word of the Day: fictioneer

Fact of the Day: When did Ronald McDonald make his first television appearance?

And last but not least:

Today In History: Whose birthday is it today?

(If you thought I was going to give you the answers, you gotta be kidding. Go look them up on the site for yourself. I did).

This is a great site to visit if you’ve got a hot game of Trivial Pursuit coming up, or if you’re just wanting to impress your friends and neighbors. The Warp-o-Meter gives this site 7.0 out of a possible 10.

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