Russian Court – School Teacher – Trial Again As A Pirate

Seems that a higher Russian court has over turned a lower courts ruling and the case against a Russian school teacher must go back to trial. You may recall that the case involves a Principal at a Russian school who installed illegal Microsoft software on the school computers. The original charges were dropped until this latest judicial ruling overturned a lower courts ruling and the case is back to trial.

For those of you who read my 3 part series of Russia and their views of piracy, one can understand why the teacher used illegal software on the school systems. In Russia, where the average monthly wage is about $300 to $500, the cost of Microsoft software is cost prohibitive. Though I do not condone piracy, it is easy to understand why illegal software exists in Russia.

So it should be very interesting to see what happens in this case. Already President Putin of Russia has made the statement that this is ‘utter nonsense’. This remark reflects the Russian peoples thinking when it comes to pirated software. Also there is a feeling that software vendors should be targeted for piracy and not the consumer.

I stated before that one would think that software in other countries would be priced based on that countries economic situation and that software would be discounted to reflect this. You may also recall that Microsoft has a N version of Vista for 3rd world distribution outside of the US which I believe costs about $40, which is more in align with other countries can afford to pay.

So what’s your thinking on this matter. Should the school teacher be punished for trying to bring the best possible software to his students? Should the consumer be punished or should punishment be for the vendors only? Or should the Russians just use Linux which is free for everyone?
Comments welcome.

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