MVP Award – Thanks, Microsoft

I was pleased on Sunday morning to have received an email message from Microsoft stating that I had been awarded, once again, the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional [MVP] award. This is the fourth straight year that I have received the award, and I must be honest, I had some doubts that I would receive the award for 2007.

Back in October, 2006 I had mentioned to my wife that I had a decision to make concerning the articles I post here at LG. I could follow the Microsoft party line and say nothing but glowing reports about how wonderful Microsoft is or report my true feelings, especially when it comes to its products. Before I continue, I want everyone to be aware that Microsoft places no burden on any MVP in what they are allowed to say. But some of my previous articles about Vista did not provide an overly optimistic view about Vista. OK. They were critical of the new OS.

So in the back of my mind I thought there was a possibility that I would have to remove MVP from my name here at LG and also in my email salutations if I did not receive the MVP award this year. But since that was not the case, I can continue for another year as an MVP.

I just want to thank all of my loyal readers here at LG, at the LG forum where I am a moderator, at Scot’s Newsletter forum where I am an MVP, and also over at the KRC forum where I moderate.

Thanks everyone! All the very best, Ron

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