Google Maps And Google Maps Mania

I stumbled on the Google Maps Mania site which links to sites that use Google Maps in some unique ways. I was able to locate through their “50 ThingsTo Do With Google Maps Mashups” some sites which I found are unique and also interesting. So I thought I would share my findings and hopefully you will find this site useful as well.

I first looked at on how to find a Starbucks close to where I lived since last year my nephew Rob introduced me into the fascinating world of Frappuchino’s, and how to order what turned out to my my favorite, Coffee Frappuchino Grande. Perfect! Starbucks Map.

And then it was off to find cheap gas. Who doesn’t like cheap gas? Gas Prices

Thinking about moving? Well check out the homes that are for sale on ebay. Who knows, you may just find that super deal or the perfect dream home. Ebay real estate. 

A fast food junkies delight. New to town and can’t find your favorite burger joint? Let this site find all of the junk food for you. Junk food site. 

And for the hackers out there, no not software hackers but golf hackers, this site can find a golf course for you. Golfers Delight site.

There is way more and Google Mania Maps is not only interesting but informative as well. So check it out and see what you think. Enjoy.

Google Maps Mania

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