Absolute – Computertrace LoJack For Laptops – Embedded Into Bios

Some of the major OEM’s like Dell, HP, Sony and Gateway are now offering computer tracking software to locate a stolen laptop computer. And on some models, this service is free for one year. In conjunction with a company called Absolute the tracking device are embedded into the BIOS on some systems. Does your system have it? Call your computer company to find out or check online.

In addition, Absolute also offers their software either available from their website or through OEM’s. Cost of the protection ranges from $49.95 a year up to $199.95 for 4 years of protection. And Absolute has a guarantee of sorts. If your stolen laptop is not recovered within 60 days of the theft, they will pay you up to $1,000.

Absolute describes their service and software as:

“The High Cost of Laptop Theft (It’s Much More than Hardware)

For many organizations, the cost to replace lost hardware is enough of a hardship. But this is a small price to pay compared to the battered public image that can result from the legal requirement to alert employees, customers, clients, patients, students, staff or the media about a possible information breach. There are also a whole host of soft costs associated with the loss of a computer including procurement, re-provisioning and labor. According to Wired Magazine the cost to a company can total $182 per missing record when factoring in the loss of existing or potential customers, lost productivity, notification fees, legal defense, legal audit, call center expenses and public & investor relations. With all of these costs even the loss of a few thousand records can quickly add up.”

So with over 600,000 laptops stolen annually this may be something to look into for those who do a great deal of traveling or use their laptops a lot outside of their home or business.

Has anyone tried this service? If so, what is your opinion?

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