Cable ISPs and Wireless Providers Define Unlimited Service Differently

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Almost all the Broadband providers advertise and scream about their super fast, unlimited service but they keep cutting off users that they claim download too much. In some cases they even refuse to define how much is too much.

Customers across the country have been contacted by the telecom giant with a warning to curb excessive bandwidth consumption or risk a one-year service termination. Comcast, however, is refusing to reveal how much bandwidth use is allowed, making it impossible for customers to know if they are in danger of violating Comcast’s limit.

Carreiro said he received a message from a Comcast Security Assurance representative in December, who warned him that he was hogging too much of the company’s bandwidth and needed to cut down. When Carreiro contacted customer service about the call, they had no idea what he was talking about and suggested it was a prank phone call. Unconvinced, Carreiro contacted Comcast several more times, but was again told there was no problem.

A month later, he woke up to a dead Internet connection. Customer service directed him to the Security Assurance division, which Carreiro said informed him he would now be without service for one year.

Meanwhile, Verizon Wireless is moving away from using the word “Unlimited” in their marketing and reportedly has placed a 5GB cap on downloads. But, don’t head over to YouTube as Verizon’s EULA still restricts everything but browsing and e-mail. Verizon Wireless seems to be stuck in 1999 or something… or rather they want you to ONLY use their VCAST service which nickels and dimes you every step of the way.

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