Soggy April Days

Hello folks. I apologize for the delay in posting, but it couldn’t be helped. The weather has created havoc with the blossoms and just downright killed many plants over the last two weeks. I had some medical stuff to take care of and got most of that done. Things have finally begun to slow down some and I have gotten back to my computer duties and responsibilities.

I took some pictures locally of some bamboo and rivercane, things that can be used by basketweavers, and plan to use them in a publication I work on. Of course nothing can be simple anymore. I have an Olympus digital camera with a Smart Media card and a card reader from Lexar. I have had both for ages. I suddenly discovered that the card reader will not work with Windows Vista. What could have possessed me to think that it would! I keep getting blindsided by these seemingly small issues that really slow me down.

I solved my immediate problem by hooking the card reader up to one of my computers running XP and transferred the photos onto that hard drive. Then I grabbed them over the network and put them on the Vista machine. It works, but I would really like to have a Smart Media card reader that works with Vista. Anyone out there using a reader that works with Vista? If so, suggestions and recommendations are welcome.

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