Why Doesn't My Computer Work Like The Ones I See On TV Or At The Movies ?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m just a little angry that none of my computers work like the ones I see on TV or at the movies. Why is that?

How come some actor can walk up to any computer, any where in the world, even in a foreign country and immediately start using the computer? I couldn’t do that. Heck, I am just happy when my computer starts up in the morning. And why is it that the computers we see on the screen always start so fast? Mine don’t. Even my Vista machine takes at least 45 seconds to kick in and a few more seconds trying to make a wireless connection so my sidebar can come on.

Why are the computer monitor screens on TV and in the movies so bright? Wouldn’t using a screen like that burn out your eye sockets? On NCIS when Abby and McGee are trying to access some type of super secret data base, why is the ‘ACCESS DENIED” box so big in giant red letters? But when they guess the secret password, bang, up pops another big box with “ACCESS GRANTED”. On my computer my boxes are never that big. Plus no one ever gets a BSOD – Blue Screen Of Death? Why is that?

Another thing. When they show us those computer screens I never see a cursor when they type. Speaking of typing, how come Garcia on Criminal Minds never uses a mouse? All she does is type and receives more information in 5 seconds than I can get off of the Internet in a days time. Take my mouse away from me and I would be DOA. CSI Vegas, Miami & NY at least use the mouse once in awhile. They must all be using Windows I guess. 🙂

Dell must pay all of the TV companies and movie producers some big bucks to get the back of their monitors shown all of the time. I don’t recall ever seeing another brand of computer advertised like this. Have you? Does this mean I need to buy a Dell before I can have a smok’in hot computer system that can track down a criminal by his fingerprint that was taken off of a booger? Or like I saw on Jordan the other night in which Nigel had written a computer program that would auto search every known bullet sample from all 50 states. Isn’t that what the FBI is for? Don’t they keep all of this information available for use?

I bet Garcia would of made the match in milliseconds. 🙂

PS I watched a movie Saturday evening called Covert One – The Hades Factor. Its the first name I saw a computer screen with a C:/ prompt in a long time. LOL
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