Verizon Unveils Unlimited Messaging Plan

Verizon Wireless has announced a new calling plan that includes unlimited text, picture, video and instant messaging however it costs $59.95 and only includes 450 daytime minutes. This plan is $20 more than Verizon’s basic calling plan.

If you’re not on a Verizon Wireless messaging plan, you will continue to pay a ridiculous 15 cents for each text message and 25 cents for video and picture messages.

Verizon recently eliminated the $5 messaging bundle so messaging plans start at $10 per month.

The markup on text messaging is gross and it has become a huge profit center for US Cellular providers. I don’t know why we put up with it. I guess it’s only because we don’t have a choice.

[Verizon Wireless Introduces New America’s Choice Select Plans with Unlimited Messaging]

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