Ultra Power Supply Tester – Every Tool Kit Should Have One

Several weeks ago I was working on a rig that I suspected had a bad power supply and for some reason I couldn’t find by power supply tester. So I had to do the job the old fashion way. Remove the old power supply and but in a new one. System booted and the problem was solved.

But it was getting time for a new tester so I looked around and stumbled on a Ultra Power Supply Tester that seemed pretty good so I ordered one. The Ultra offers more than just the old standard 20/24 pin connectors. They also offer 4/8 pin cpu connector, 4 pin floppy, sata and pci express are all include.

The unit itself is compact and you shouldn’t have any trouble placing this in your toolkit. Does it work? Yeap. I have a box of old stuff that I keep ‘just in case’ I need them. Which is usually rare and never. But I had a couple of faulty power supplies that I tested and the Ultra confirm they were bad.

So if you are in need of a good reliable power supply tester, consider buying the Ultra for ease of use and it’s testing abilities.

Ultra Power Supply description here.

You can find this on the web ranging in price from $13.99 to $19.95. Do a Google.

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