The Complete & Utter Idiot’s Guide To Making A Baloney Sandwich

Growing up, I ate a lot of baloney sandwiches. I mean A LOT OF baloney sandwiches. My mom used to buy the baloney at the butcher, where it was sliced the way she wanted it (this was WAY before supermarkets changed the way we bought our food). It was a simple process. You just took two slices of bread, threw some baloney in-between them, assembled, and ate away. Boy, was I wrong, as today’s Warped site shows.

The name of the site is The Complete & Utter Idiot’s Guide to Making a Baloney Sandwich. Here you will find an in-depth analysis of just how this staple of the American lunch table is prepared. Step by step directions are included and divided into small bits so that even the most simple of us can prepare this wonderful lunch delight.

This site has no frills or pretensions about it. It is simple and straightforward. It will solve all of your lunch needs, and answer your most thought provoking questions about baloney sandwiches. The Warp-o-Meter gives this site an 8.5 out of a possible 10.

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