In Scottsdale, there is a company called AxoSoft. They are the developers of OnTime, bug tracking and project tracking software. The software is good, believe me – I have more than enough reason to know. But what I like about the company is that they are always willing to try new things to get noticed. Two of them are TransferBigFiles and a Geek marketing contest…

TransferBigFiles is a free service for sending files to other people of less than 1G. Now, I know – there are lots of other services out there that do this too. But TransferBigFiles puts its own spin on the project.

Right on the transfer page, there is a stats report. You can see how many transfers are being done right now, how big they are, and what the bandwidth is. There is also an all-time stats summary, which shows the same information and more for the history of the site.

Next, the interface is easy to use and very clear. Upload your file, provide the recipient names, decide on some optional settings and you are pretty much ready to go. The final step is the one that sets TransferBigFIles apart in my mind: Once you have everything set to go, you need to confirm that you own the rights to the files being submitted. If you don’t, there is a warning that your files will be removed.

Once everything is set, the Send Now button becomes available and off the files go. I love it. No muss. No fuss.

Have a suggestion for them? Let them know. They read the suggestions and reply. Want to know more about it? Ask, they’ll tell you. And remember, this isn’t their main business.. But it still gets time and effort from the support staff.

So, what caused me to blog about this now? I just went to do another upload for a client and noticed the latest addition to the pageā€¦ They are having a contest. As it says on the bottom of the page:

Win $5,000 for a Viral Marketing Idea, Video or Flash Animation. Read More Here.

What a cool idea! Check it out. You might just have the winning idea! (Even if you don’t, reading some of the ideas there is a great way to get ideas for marketing your own geek product.)

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