Business 2.0 Magazine Loses Entire Issue

The entire June issue of Business 2.0 was accidently deleted and then they found out that the backup server failed to get backups of everything. Oops! It’s not enough to just be backing up, you need to actually check that the backups are working.

Luckily, Business 2.0’s lawyers had email copies of all the article’s text so they’ll be able to piece everything back together after recreating the artwork and page layouts which were lost for good.

Ironically, Business 2.0 loves to remind its readers to backup their computers often so they don’t lose any of their data.

Everyone needs a backup plan and should be verifying the backup integrity on a daily basis to ensure you have the backups if you should ever need them. There is nothing worse than losing important documents and your family pictures and then realizing there is nothing you can do to recover them.

If you’re not backing up, now is the best time to start. You never know when your hard drive will fail.

[Business magazine fails to heed its own tech advice]

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