If This Is Tuesday, It Must Be Tatooine… Er… Palm Springs.

Here are 10 Palm Springs (California) truths, as I came to discover this afternoon:

  • It’s hot. Damn hot. All the time. Hot.
  • It’s not very humid. Even the water is dry.
  • High school students drive expensive cars.
  • There’s a new real estate development on every block.
  • $12M homes are considered “the slums.”
  • Golfers come here to play, retire, and die.
  • Starbucks is considered good coffee.
  • Taxi drivers are very friendly.
  • Wilderness sits between here and San Diego
  • The airport is surrounded by the world’s worst turbulence.

I’m speaking at an event for oneNetworkDirect publishers and affiliates tomorrow (even though I’m not a huge fan of affiliate programs). This is an opportunity to get some of those folks to understand that branding is still as important as it ever was. I’m somewhere in the middle of the day, with a presentation titled “Embracing Audio, Video, and the Blogosphere to brand your Web site.” I did my best to craft a suitable presentation.

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