Shadowrun Will Link Xbox & Windows Players

Microsoft Game Studios today announced the eagerly awaited release date of the thrilling cross platform game, Shadowrun, which will shoot into stores on Friday 1st June, 2007.

Utilising both the Xbox LIVE and Games For Windows – LIVE network for the first time ever, “Shadowrun” tears down the walls between friends and gamer communities on the console and Windows Vista-based PC by letting as many as 16 gamers play together, regardless of platform*. Not only does “Shadowrun” bring these communities together, it also extends the features gamers love on Xbox LIVE, such as gamertags, achievements, friends lists and integrated voice communication, onto the PC through Games for Windows – LIVE.

Shadowrun is an intense first person shooter that rewards cleverness and split-second improvisation through a unique combination of modern weapons, ancient magic and advanced technology.

Set in and around Santos, Brazil in the year 2031, Shadowrun tells a story of struggle between two opposing forces. RNA Global is a large corporation out to control a recently unearthed magical power. The Lineage is a 5000 year old secret society dedicated to defending that same power. Their conflict will change the course of magic in the region.

Whether you opt for the speed of the elf, the magical essence of the dwarf, the versatility of the human or the strength of the troll you will be given the same opportunity to master the enthralling combination of both magic and technology with fantastic effects such as enhanced vision, teleport and the tree of life. There are also nine different weapons ranging from a standard rifle and machine gun to a katana. And even when you think you are down and out after being killed by the enemy, a fellow team mate can resurrect you allowing you to gain even more from your Shadowrun experience.

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