Bluehat – Microsoft Has The Right Idea

Even though my involvement in Windows these days is MUCH less than it used to be, I want to applaud Microsoft for taking a stand and honestly trying to work with “hackers” to resolve any issues with external security researchers who happen to feel that Microsoft has dropped the ball. Speaking for myself, my gripes have never really been so much security related as allowing painfully stupid mistakes to slide by unchecked.

With that said, on the security front, I have had no really groundbreaking concerns over Vista thus far. Significant improvements have been made, unfortunately not to a level where, if I was a full time Windows user, I could see a true advantage to upgrading from XP. As a rule with Windows these days, it just seems like a good plan to wait for SP1 with any release. That, or explore alternatives in the meantime – whatever best suits your needs.

Regardless of my own personal opinions, any time a company like Microsoft is willing to foster some level of dialog; regardless of its intentions, it can only serve to benefit the end user.