Revamping My PC Security — So Far, So Good

It’s been a couple weeks since I ran into some serious problems on my PC after installing a new HP OfficeJet Pro All-In-One. For whatever reason, after the installation, my ZoneAlarm Pro software went completely haywire and started chewing up all my CPU cycles. Thanks to everybody for posting comments! Many shared in my frustration that the state of software in general is getting out of hand. Several even shared their frustration that HP is going down the wrong road when it comes to their device software. I saw some great suggestions offered by other Gnomies for other security combos, which I may still try out. Although I had felt pretty good about ZA Pro up until that point, I liked the printer better, which meant that ZA Pro had to go.

I’d heard really good things about Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0 Suite. I’d even had a little time with it as it came bundled with Parallels on my Mac. I liked what I saw of it, so I downloaded the fully-functioning 30-day trial software from its Web site on my main production PC. It’s funny, because I’d never thought I’d find a security suite I’d like very much due to horrible experiences I had with the security suite products from Symantec, McAfee and Trend Micro. I’d never used those products myself, but had seen them in the field enough to know how craptastic they were.

First thing I did was completely uninstall my avast! free antivirus and ZA Pro. Then I installed Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0. Right off the bat, I liked the product. The first impressions I form about any software package comes from how quickly and easily it installs (HP could learn a thing or two on this front). KIS 6.0 was an easy install, with a very clean and easy to understand wizard-driven interface. So far, so good. The next test would be to see how it impacted system performance. Every memory-resident security product you install will exact some kind of hit on your PC’s performance… the question is to what extent.

After rebooting, I set about to configure the product and perform some scans. My PC seemed to hardly break a sweat… and my CPU utilization was back down where I felt it should be. I set up a scanning schedule, set it to monitor my registry, and then just let the product do its thing. The Kaspersky folks did their homework and I feel struck a good balance between crying wolf and just doing its job quietly. Another thing I noticed was how frequently KIS 6.0 “phones home” and updates itself. It does so much more frequently than other tools I’ve seen (both paid and freeware). In all likelihood, I’ll probably purchase a full license for KIS 6.0. I appreciate the approach it took in allowing you to download and run the fully-featured product. It’s a crowded market out there, but I think I’ve found the product that works well for me.

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