Dell Introducing Laptop Computers For $238 – But Not In The US Market

I have read several articles including one from The Hindu News Update Service concerning Dell being in the process of selling laptop computers for $238. The article also states that Dell is looking into the China market and will be introducing a similar computer in the same price range. The article also states:

“The new products will have longer battery life, increased connectivity and performance,” according to Dell India General Manager (Sales), Sameer Garde, said on the sidelines of company’s product launch.

When I first read this article and several others covering Dell’s expansion to other countries, I had a few thoughts that popped into my head.

First thought was, I would venture a guess the new systems would not be equipped with Vista. So what kind of a OS would Dell be including on these cheap models?

Second thought was why aren’t these inexpensive computers being offered in the US market? I am sure that Dell will still be making a profit even selling these outside of the US. So why not here as well? For $238 I’d take one without a OS. 🙂

Third thought I’m leaving for you? What is your take on this? Should the US get these cheapies as well?

Comments welcome.

Full article here.

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