GPS Uses and Abuses

There are many beneficial uses for GPS now that the receivers are getting smaller and smaller. Putting them in cell phones can save lives by locating a caller in distress. Same for placing them in kids’ shoes and on pets, hikers, private aircraft, boats, and so on.

Businesses that rely on a fleet of vehicles have long used GPS to improve operations. Plumbers, electricians, delivery vans, and repair trucks can all be redeployed better and faster when the dispatcher can see everyone’ position in real time, rather than calling (and interrupting) each worker to ask where they are.

It would seem to me that taxicab fleets would be a natural application for this. But no-o-o-o-o… A recent piece in PC Magazine reports that the cabdrivers in NYC oppose the idea of GPS tracking because they feel that their bosses knowing their location every minute of the day will invade their privacy.

Sounds to me like the cabbies are more worried more about being found out when they are in places that they should not be, rather than being found before they bleed to death should a cab get hijacked and dumped in an abandoned warehouse.

Besides, then the “Law and Order” shows would have more time for commercials because the detectives would not have to spend so much time interviewing dispatchers and reading logbooks to track down which driver picked up which perp or victim, and when or where! (Tongue firmly in cheek.)

What’s your take on this?

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