Office XP's Detect And Repair

There will be moments when an application requires a little help to start functioning properly. Many people go directly to the Control Panel and the Add/Remove Programs applet to solve the problem. Using the Repair feature for the entire Microsoft Office installation may be overkill and doing a complete reinstallation is not necessary. All Microsoft Office Suite applications have a Detect and Repair option located on the Help menu. When this feature is executed from within Microsoft Word, it will verify the integrity of the installation for the application. The Detect and Repair option will only verify the application from which the command was launched. For example, if you launch the Detect and Repair option from within Word, it will not verify the integrity of Excel.

When resolving installation or customization problems for an individual application, the Detect and Repair option found within the application should be your first line of defense. The utility will verify and repair any files that have been corrupted and re-copy files that have been deleted. This is also a nifty trick to reset all customizations for an Office application. If multiple applications are crashing, then the Repair option from the Add/Remove Programs applet should be used.

The Detect and Repair option can be launched from the Help menu within any Office application. When using the Detect and Repair utility, there are two options to configure for the repair process. The first option allows you to restore missing shortcuts and the second will discard any customized settings. Use these features wisely, you may cause havoc in the power-user’s life if you remove all customized settings. However, keep this tidbit in mind for novice user’s that have decided to play with the application settings and inadvertently caused serious operational problems with the Office application. This is an effective way to reset all customization problems but should be used with caution. By default, Discard my customized settings and restore default settings is deselected.

Once you have configured the options, click the Start button to initiate the process. After the Detect and Repair wizard begins, you may be prompted for the installation media. To use this utility successfully, you must have access to the installation files. If the installation was performed over the network from an install point, you must have network connectivity. Conversely, if a CD-ROM was used to perform the installation then you must have the installation CD-ROM.

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