Will LG’s Prada Be An iPhone Killer?

After Apple announced its iPhone, everybody else pretty much followed soon after. It was almost as though other companies were waiting to see how the marketplace would react to such a revolutionary design, and then release their own iPhone. Of course, it’s probably not true, and a lot of engineers ended up working overtime to complete their prototype designs in a matter of months to stay competitive against Apple. After all, nobody wants to see Apple take over the cell phone market overnight and play catch up later on. They all have the iPod and the digital media player case study to glance over to see just how devastating that would be.

From LG comes Prada, a rather fashionable name, we must add. However, it’s not just the name. If anything, LG is on top of the whole iPhone phenomenon and may end up taking a bite out of Apple (pun intended). Similar to Apple’s iPhone, the LG Prada is available in a touch screen format only, although it does have a row of buttons at the bottom of the front side display. These are the call, end, and a central navigation key to remove the 100 percent dependability factor of the touch screen format. We are not sure why LG would do that, but then again, the comparison would be useful once both devices are released.

It’s obviously a candy bar design with three hours of talk time on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The display sports W/QVGA screen at 240×400 resolution and 262k colors. Vibration alert, EDGE integration, DATA/FAX modem, MMS, e-mail (SMTP and POP3), Internet connectivity, and other such standard functions are available as well. Then there’s the 2.0-megapixel camera with 2x digital zoom and an external MicroSD expansion slot for added storage. Bluetooth wireless and document viewer apps are available on the Prada.

It goes without saying that LG’s Prada looks stunning from the available images, but it’s certainly not a complete touch screen design. The display is surrounded by a possibly more robust material on its outer edges. If anything, it may end up hurting LG with Prada’s adoption rate in the market. It’ll be interesting to see how that works out.

There is no available information on LG Prada’s pricing or availability date. Although the specs and images are available online, officially from LG, we would expect it to launch soon. If LG is smart enough, the launch date should be set somewhere around the iPhone’s launch date to try and at least take away some thunder from Apple. We wouldn’t bet on it, however.

[Gundeep Hora]

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