Windows Vista Is Windows 98 Reincarnated!

I first want to thank Kyle Keeton for sending me this link to an article that was written back on 5-25-98 by Daniel Will-Harris. It jogged my memory to a time when people were saying that we didn’t need Windows 98 for almost the exact same reasons that are being said why we don’t need Vista today. Here are some quotes and all you have to do is substitute 98 with Vista:

Chances are about 100% that the mission-critical software you rely on now was not developed with these new changes, however minor, in mind. That means that despite all the testing Microsoft has done, there are sure to be incompatibilities with software, printer drivers, scanner drivers and other things you rely on. Since publishing tends to work computers to the max, the chances are even greater that you’ll run into unexpected problems because of these changes. I don’t know about you, but when I get my system running right, I don’t want to mess with it unless I’m sure it’s going to continue to run right. There are no such assurances with Windows 98.

Windows 98 is a much more minor upgrade — it’s more like a bunch of utilities and “bug fixes” than it is like a new operating system.

Its biggest claim to fame is that you see everything through the browser, the Internet Explorer. Big deal. Remember, Microsoft is busy giving away the Internet Explorer (complete with the very same “take over your desktop if you want it” interface that Windows 98 offers). If you want that new interface, download it for free from the Microsoft site. I have heard horror stories about installing IE with the “Active Desktop,” so my copy of IE was installed without this feature, but if you want the Win98 interface, this is basically all you need to do to get it for free.

There are new features that check system files and replace corrupted ones, and check your system registry and back it up. Those are good features, to be sure, but you’ve gotten along without them for years, haven’t you? I have.

And if you have a TV card (who does?) then you basically get “Web-TV” like capabilities, as if your browser isn’t enough. You can watch CNN and view their web site at the same time. That sounds like a real productivity enhancer to me.

Yeap, software wasn’t going to work right, lack of drivers, and a bunch of utilities we really didn’t need. But the one sentence that really said it all was this one:

I don’t know about you, but when I get my system running right, I don’t want to mess with it unless I’m sure it’s going to continue to run right.

Sound familiar? I must have said it a dozen times myself. Windows XP works so well and I got my systems working the way I like them, why do I need Vista? LOL I had to laugh at myself when I read this article. Not much has really changed in the past nine years, has it?

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Thanks again, Kyle. This was a gem of an article! Link to the originally article is located here.

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