Burger Wars: The gloves are off now!

We all knew it. There’s real money in the world of fast food. So much money that no player wants to lose out on any of it. The newest section of this multi-billion dollar market is the ‘better than fast food’ fast food. This includes all the salad entries, the southwest cuisine choices, and especially the high quality mega-burger offerings.

Jack-In-The-Box was a late comer to this last part of the mix. Their newest addition to the menu is the Sirloin Burger. It is available with choices of cheeses and onions, along with the addition of bacon, if desired.

The latest advertisement for the new burger shows a meeting that includes Jack showing some executives where the sirloin part of the cow is located. Next someone comments that ‘other’ burger places use Angus beef. The executives laugh hysterically when the word Angus is used. One of the executives asks Jack where on the cow chart the Angus is located, to which he replies,”I’d rather not.”

It seems the executives at the parent companies of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s did not like the motions in the air of the employee near the extreme hind quarter of the cow chart . On Friday, in Los Angeles, CKE filed suit saying that the implication was that the burgers served by the ‘other’ places came from the cow’s anus, which sounds somewhat like Angus, and goes too far in the war between these purveyors of beef.

Chief executive Andrew F. Puzder went on to say that this was not funny, and that they need to stop misleading the public about what Angus beef is.

The article states that CKE had contacted Jack-In-The-Box directly before the suit, but that a refusal, based on the Carl’s Jr. ads alluding to the fact that their milk shakes were superior to anyone else’s, was given.

Not mentioned in the article was the ad from some time ago that alluded to the suspicious contents of McDonalds chicken nuggets.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, as it is difficult to predict outcomes in this increasingly litigious society.

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