How To Find A Good Domain Name

Choosing and registering a domain name can be very tricky. It’s hard enough coming up with a domain thats easy to spell and for people to remember but it’s also nearly impossible to find one those that are available. Sometimes you need to resort to looking at expired domain name or domains that are close to expiring.

These 10 domain name tools can make picking and buying a domain name a little easier:

  1. DeletedDomains – Search for domains that are on hold or expired.
  2. DNGenerator – Enter as few as one keyword and it’ll create hundreds of domain names.
  3. DomainBot – Enter a few keywords and it’ll help come up with some domains for you.
  4. DomainInformer – Get domain suggestions, find deleted and on hold domains, newly registered domain names, perform whois, get domain statistics, and find domains scheduled for deletion.
  5. ExpiredDomains – Search by keyword for expired domains.
  6. JustDropped – Lists domain names that have just expired.
  7. MakeWords – Search for a domain if you know what you want it to start or end with.
  8. myIPneighbors – Find who else is hosted on your server if you use shared hosting.
  9. Nameboy – Enter a few keywords and it spits out a bunch of domain names that are available or available for back-order.
  10. PickyDomains – A service that does all the hard work for you. You pay them $50, tell them about the site you need a domain name for and a few of your other requirements and they come up with an available domain name for you. If you don’t like any of the names they came up with, they say they’ll refund your money.

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