Kobe Wants to be Traded From the Lakers

There is a stir in Lakerland. Kobe Bryant has asked to be traded.

“LOS ANGELES – Kobe Bryant asked to be traded from the Lakers on Wednesday, a day after calling the team’s front office “a mess,” and said nothing will change his mind.”

Link: Kobe says he wants Lakers to trade him

If Kobe insists on a trade, it would have to be to an Eastern Conference team. The Lakers would not want Kobe to remain in the Western Conference and to see him often during the regular season. The question is ‘what eastern team has the players that the Lakers would want?’ One has to think that, with this news, Isiah Thomas must be dreaming the ‘impossible dream.’ And Shaquille O’Neal must be having a huge chuckle.

Catherine Forsythe

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