Story of a Blog Post

OneNote MVP Patrick Schmid was having a problem. He had a shared notebook that had been updated on several different machines. This particular notebook had all the information on his upcoming move. The drive that contained the actual file was about to go off-line so that he could ship it to Germany. One copy of the notebook was on his laptop, the other on his girlfriend’s laptop. There was no time to ensure that all machines had the same content.

Patrick asked a bunch of his OneNote friends what he could do and Daniel Escapa came to the rescue. He provided a great process for resyncing the copies. Patrick tried it. It works! Wonderful! Now all the machines have an updated copy of the content.

Patrick has blogged about it here so that you can learn from his experience.

Daniel has termed this “group blogging.” I wouldn’t be surprised if he blogs about it too. Watch this space: When he does, I’ll link to it. Until then, you might want to check out this month’s edition of Daniel’s OneNote blog round up.

 Update: Daniel did blog about it!

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