How Do I Update A T-Mobile Dash To Windows Mobile 6.0?

Get the most from your T-Mobile Dash Smartphone. Stay up to date by downloading the latest upgrade for this state-of-the-art mobile device. Depending on your handset model, this upgrade may include new and important features such as more reliable e-mail delivery, better roaming and browsing performance, and easier device management. This is a free update to all Dash owners running Windows Mobile 5.0.

T-Mobile provides a software upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 for the T-Mobile Dash. The update includes many new features and updates that will improve the overall experience with the device.

  1. Ensure all desired media and documents are saved to the Micro SD memory card if one is available, or have been transferred to a computer.
  2. Download the Update Utility from the T-Mobile Download Center.
  3. From the File Download dialog box, click Save.
  4. From the Save As dialog box, in the Save in drop-down menu, click to select Desktop.
  5. In the File name text box, type T-Mobile Dash MSFP Upgrade, and then click Save.
  6. From your computer desktop, double click the T-Mobile Dash MSFP Upgrade.
  7. From the RUU – InstallShield Wizard dialog box, click Next.
  8. From the Smartphone ROM Update Utility dialog box, click the check box to select I understand the caution indicated above and have reviewed the Readme, and then click Next.
  9. From the Smartphone ROM Update Utility dialog box, complete the four steps listed, and then click the check box I completed the steps indicated above.
  10. Click Next.
    NOTE: The utility will check for an ActiveSync connection and sufficient battery life.

  11. From Smartphone ROM Update Utility dialog box, click Next.
  12. Click Next.
    NOTE: Update progress will be shown on the computer and on the device. The upgrade process can take between 10-15 minutes. You may notice that the progress indicator also appears to stall at 85% and 95%. This is normal behavior.

  13. Once the update has finished, the phone will reboot automatically. To close the Update Utility, click Finish.
    NOTE: When the device boots up, it goes through the initial start up routine as if the device was hard reset, or brand new out of the box. The screen will display a Windows Mobile screen with a Microsoft Logo.

  14. The device will perform an additional update that takes approximately five minutes. When this occurs, the device will reboot again and your update is complete.

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