One of my newest Twitter friends is TwitterMosiac. That’s not only his Twitter ID, but what he does for a “hobby” also. He makes mosaics of pictures using the Twitter icons/avatars of his 10,000+ Twitter friends. The pictures are really awesome. You can see them on his blog at:

Besides the fact that the pictures and technology are just blow you away cool, the mosaics are also a kind of mind game. One the things I do when he puts up a new mosaic is go to see if my icon has been used yet. (I haven’t made it in one yet, but I am still hoping.) Each of the icons used in the mosiac is actually a link to that person’s Twitter page.

The first few posted, I scanned the list of names for my name. Luckily the names are in alphabetical order, so that isn’t too hard. But with today’s mosiac, I got smarter. I used the Internet Explorer SnagIt add-in to grab the page and the links.

First, I brought up the add-in setup dialog using the button option button and set it up as follows:

I saved the settings, then I navigated to the page with the mosaic I wanted to search. I then clicked the KeepLinks button in the SnagIt IE toolbar. (Don’t do this and you will get a great picture, but no links to search.)

Clicking the SnagIt button in the IE toolbar, initiated the screen grab. It took about 15 seconds to do the grab. When it was done, I saved the MHT file. That took about 3 seconds more. I then opened that file in Notepad and searched for my Twitter ID. It wasn’t in the pictures, but another search showed that Dekrazee1’s was. (Don’t know Dekrazee1? She is another of my on-line friends. She’s on the Tangler team. That’s another great site I need to blog about one of these days…)

My husband asked me why I didn’t just use View Source to see the links… Simple… I didn’t think of it. Besides, this way I can have it on my desktop!

I do want to take this to another step sometime. I would love to build a simple script that takes my list of Twitter friends and searches for their names in each mosaic as it is published. Need RoundTuits to get to that one though.

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