Kensington QuickSeek FM Transmitter Review

The QuickSeek from Kensington is an interestingly simple product, as is the case with a lot of the company’s other products. It’s designed to quickly find FM signals for your iPod and have those stations at your fingertips on the go. The device is relatively compact and sturdy enough to handle standard wear and tear without any problems at all. Although the appearance of QuickSeek is standard silver and gray, we would’ve appreciated a white version of the device as well. Imagine sticking this on a white iPod, and trust us, the color combination isn’t exactly impressive.

Installation is simple enough, as you only need to attach the device to the iPod dock for it to work. That’s it. The rest is all taken care of through the iPod’s intuitive interface. The UI, as a matter of fact, is clean as well. Like we pointed out earlier, it gets the job done. The three buttons on QuickSeek takes care of navigating through different channels and selecting one accordingly.

There should be an image here!Audio performance was great. We were able to find FM signals quickly and move on to listening news, weather and music. According to Kensington, the ClearFM technology reduces background noise and enhances audio quality of the streams. Unfortunately, after comparing the device to other transmitters, we didn’t notice too much of a difference. Nonetheless, the audio was clean, crisp and a pleasure to listen to in uninterrupted areas.

Another great aspect of the device is an included car charger that charges your iPod while you are using QuickSeek. You can even use it to charge your smartphone, which is an added bonus. QuickSeek is compatible with all full-sized iPods and iPod Nano. For the average price of $75.57, it’s a little too much for a device that does so little. We say wait for the price to drop, and pick one up for your radio fixture.

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