Thu Nekst Kiler Ap – Truespel?

Tom Zurinskas of truespel writes:

Hi Chris,

Love your work and the way you do it. Here’s an idea that can be the next killer application. I’ve been working on it for 20 years.

The key to all invention and global intelligence is The Written Word. That means reading and writing are key to everything. Yet reading instruction in the USA is not doing so good. Kids are reading at 30% proficiency (70% are less than proficient). Teachers need help. The problem is the lack of a simple phonetic code to teach reading phonetically. This is proven.

Nobody in USA schools today teach reading using dictionary key phonetics s to show letter/sound relationships. Too user unfriendly. Nobody teaching reading uses the academic phonetic systems. In print media they actually bypass academic notation and use what I call "sight-spelling phonetics" that look like this "fun-NET-ticks." This is my name for it. Even the Voice of American uses it. This bypasses academia. Academia does not even have a name for this notation. This is The Big Gap in llliteracy that needs filling. And literacy, after food, shelter, and fun, is the most important thing in the world.

English is the de facto standard language of world. 95% of all scientific journals are in English. Initial phonetic notation started before the rise of English. Truespel recognizes this problem, and establishes a true English friendly, keyboard friendly phonetic notation. It can be learned by English literates in 15 minutes. It enables necessary "phonemic awareness" by establishing letter/sound correspondence in common with traditional spelling. Transition from truespel to traditional spelling is not a problem as demonstrated by IBM’s Writing to Read system in the ’80s. That method, before its time, absolutely proved that phonetics first is the way to go. In fact, the UK is switching this fall to "synthetic phonics" first for k-1, the same approach as truespel phonetics first for instruction.

Why is truespel capable of being a Killer Ap?

  1. Throw out your dictionaries, with nonstandardized notation and get one with truespel phonetics.
  2. Throw out your translation guides and get a truespel guide that uses English based phonetics.
  3. Throw out your k-3 reading instruction manuals. Kids need letter/sound training first.
  4. Throw out all current college phonetics instructions materials not using truespel
  5. For computers you can actually type in a word as you hear it phonetically to find it.
  6. For computers the database can be used for phonetic analysis as I’ve been doing in my books.
  7. For computers, text to speech is enhanced (it is being applied actually to a chip right now).

Hope my life’s work, truespel, interests you and others. Truespel is free for everyone at The converter there changes URLs to truespel (It’s everywhere via The text converter there changes whole passages pasted into it to truespel. Teachers can use foreword and backward conversion creating their own lessons.

Truespel is the only "pronunciation guide spelling/writing system" for English ever created. I’m glad to work with anyone interested in using it.

Especially, if we can help the kids learn to read or learn English.

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