Baseball Blogger Strikes Out – Ejected From The Game

The New York Times has reported a story about a ‘blogger’ who was ejected from a college baseball game. Seems the blogger may have been reporting more action and statistics than the university thought fit into their interpretation of the guidelines they have established to protect their contracts with tv networks and other internet service providers. Or is this a violation of the 1st amendment which grants freedom of speech?

Reading though some of the comments in the article, a few stood out:

The eviction of a newspaper reporter from a baseball press box for blogging about a game while it was in progress has stirred a debate about First Amendment rights, intellectual property rights and contract law.

Jon Fleischaker, a lawyer representing The Courier-Journal, said yesterday that such a challenge might be made, within the next 10 days, because the event took place at a public facility and because the eviction was enforced by the University of Louisville, a public institution that was the host university.

“We’re just not sure whether there is enough official state action to properly be able to say there’s a First Amendment claim,” Fleischaker said in a telephone interview. “We’re doing some work to see who’s on first.”

There was one comment that I think best describes it all:

“The law, as happens in many cases, has not kept up with the technology,” Gordon said. “As a journalist, you’re inclined to wave the First Amendment flag. This is going to get messier before it gets figured out. The media trends are at odds with the leagues’ goal of controlling distribution and extracting a ransom.”

‘The law ,as happens in many cases, has not kept up with technology’. Good statement. If I were at home watching this game on television, and blogging about it as I watched, would I be violating any rules or regulations? Could any such rules and regulations be enforced outside of the stadium?

Full article here.

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