Should I Save Files On The Desktop?

Many people choose to save files on their desktop because they are easily accessible. However, what they may not know is that there are certain risks associated with this practice – the biggest one being that you increase the chances of losing your files. In an attempt to discourage people from saving files on their desktop, here are a few points that you need to consider.

  • Files on your desktop are not very secure. These files are in plain view to any person that sits down at your computer if you remain logged on. Not only can they read them, they may inadvertently delete them.
  • If you have to use the System Restore feature of Windows XP, some files that are stored on your desktop may not be preserved. In other words, they will be gone after the restore process is complete.
  • Files saved to the desktop are stored in your user profile. This increases the size of your profile. If you are using roaming profiles, the files follow you around regardless of which computer you log on to.
  • If your user profile becomes corrupt, you will lose all your desktop files.

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