Hand Shakes Not Allowed in School

It seems that one has to be careful in Fairfax County. As a student, you could have a black mark on your school record for shaking hands. Yes… seriously – things like shaking hands are banned:

“VIENNA — A rule against physical contact at a Fairfax County middle school is so strict that students can be sent to the principal’s office for hugging, holding hands or even high-fiving.

Unlike some schools in the Washington, D.C., area, which ban fighting or inappropriate touching, Kilmer Middle School in Vienna bans all touching…”

link: School rule gets touch too picky, parents say

What are we trying to teach these children? And what does this say about us, as a modern day culture in the twenty first century? – It just seems a bit sad that this is an issue at all.

Catherine Forsythe

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