The High Cost of Paranoia

It is interesting to note that security has become such an issue in the computer industry that people are now predicting vulnerabilities before they even exist. What could be vulnerable, and how can we protect ourselves from it before it gets here? Yes, we must live in fear of something new to shatter our blessed computer worlds. But could it be that we are creating the problem?

Ideas are like Pandora’s box, once they get out, they can never be put back in again… they now exist. Things that exist are given names, and then the concept most often in some way becomes a reality. Sci-fi fans will be the first to tell you how the storylines of many authors are coming true. This is not coincidence. Often it is just someone knowing a good idea when they see it. Bipeds have this incredible urge to manifest anything that can be thought of, if only for the reason that they can. Odd, isn’t it? Most creatures have the good sense to avoid what is hazardous to them… bipeds rush into it with abandon.

So we, the people, create our own nightmares from which we have a hard time awakening. Computer viruses, malware, trojans — computers are just like modern life… it’s a minefield out there. Maybe all the strange things going on out in reality right now are due to our paranoia. Heck, with 9/11 we are all supposed to be quaking in our boots, and the little old foreign lady next door is really a terrorist.

I am tired of paranoia, I just won’t do it anymore. Whether it’s safety at home, on the Web, or out in the world, I refuse to be a victim. I arm myself the best I can, and know that nothing is going to harm me. Every now and then a challenge may arise, but I’m tough, and I can handle it. As far as paranoia goes, I look at what is, and what I want to be… and I don’t delude myself. The old lady next door is really quite kind, and that possible virus is just a theory. Perhaps if we mostly talked and thought about the cool stuff that will be, we wouldn’t be having any more nightmares.

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