Vinyl Flooring Frustration!

Installing Tile Made Easy

The other day, my friend Susan shared the following with me…

Help me (my real name)! My husband and I tore up our spare bathroom and we haven’t replaced the flooring yet. We want to tile it, but ran out of money after replacing literally everything else in the room. My in-laws are coming into town next week, and I don’t want my mother in law saying anything snide about my choice of flooring. What can I do QUICKLY to make it look better for her visit, and to keep it covered till we have a chance to tile it?

Not to panic to Susan, the way I see it, you have a few different options to get your flooring back up to par while keeping your mother in law off your ass as an added bonus. 😉

Today I will point out some options that are both inexpensive and can be done within a single afternoon. Best of all, this will be no more difficult than making a quick pattern and installing some new baseboards. As a matter of fact, you can even get them now as they are generally in stock at both Home Depot and Lowe’s.

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Now the first option I will be explaining, is offered by major vinyl flooring companies such as Armstrong and Tarkett. Another bonus is that this vinyl is available “glue-free”. It’s easy, you literally make a pattern and lay it down with some double-stick tape (specific to the brand of vinyl you’re using) in heavy traffic areas and presto! You’re done! Check with your local home improvement store for preferred pattern and color options. The most popular choices right now include tile patterns that looks like actual tile and realistic exotic wood grains.

The second option is in a “plank form” such as laminate flooring, but goes down even easier and you can cut it with a utility knife, no power tools required. That’s right, you can keep the table saw in the garage where it belongs. Installation is both inexpensive and simple to do. The directions are very easy to follow and you don’t have to deal with any messy glue or obnoxious floor preparation. An additional advantage is that it’s water resistant and would do very well in a bathroom setting, especially if you have children who tend to splash water around. This flooring option comes in three different wood grains and is known as “Allure” by Traffic Master, which is generally in stock at Home Depot.

Both of these flooring solutions can be done in a single afternoon and are quite inexpensive. The most expensive of the lot runs under a $1.50 per square foot. And should you decide to tile the bathroom floor later on, you don’t have to worry about any glue to scrape off your sub-floor. For the most part, removal is easy: just take off your wallbase, pull the up the vinyl and you’re done. If you decide you like the look of the new vinyl instead, most have a 10-25 year warranty. So you won’t have to worry about its wear and tear as long as you follow the manufacturers instructions. And best of all, all will appease your mother in law!

Remember to always do your product research before buying any product, there are many resources online to help you make the right decision. Just hop onto your favorite search engine and let your instincts be your guide!

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