It’s iPhone Day – Are You Going For It?

Well today is finally the day fans of the iPhone have been waiting for…….launch day. Although some people have been waiting in line for several days, last night seemed to be when that tactic really went into motion and several people even have live feeds of themselves waiting in line.

Rumors are still all over the place concerning how many iPhones will actually be available. Some put the numbers as high as 500 units per store, but no solid evidence has come forth to confirm this. Regardless of the supposed numbers, the turnout will be high for people wanting to purchase the iPhone no doubt.

I have not yet decided on whether to purchase one. It’s a new gadget so obviously I want one, but part of me says I should wait until version 2. I am also still hoping for a last minute “price drop” announcement, although that is quite unlikely. So are any of you going to purchase, or are you in line now for one?

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