Wi-Fi Antennas – Reader Needs Our Help

Reader JessiFay posted a comment which I thought Iwould share to see if anyone can come up with a solution to his problem. Most of my wi-fi experience has been dealing with either home users, SOHO, or small businesses. I did do one wi-fi setup for a camp grounds in which we used directional outdoor antennas to cover a direct line of site setup of about 400 feet. But it seems JessiFay has a different type of a problem and I thought some of you may have some advice.

Here is what JessiFay said.

I read with interest the discussion regarding range and interference.

Hopefully someone can help me understand a couple of things.

First — I never hear anyone mention how the range is when used in separate buildings. I’m sure I’m not the only person with a garage separate from my home. Although, setting up in the garage is later. My priority is my mother. She is moving onto my property (in her own place) but still on the same property. She is always wanting me to do something on her computer, and then I can’t ever get away, I’m hoping if we are networked I can just go in and fixed it for her from my house, and then I won’t get trapped for hours. Not to mention be able to work without her standing over me talking to me non-stop. How are you supposed to read and concentrate to fix something like that?

My plan was to set up the router in my home near a window closest to her, and to setup her computer inside her house as close as it can get to me. Unfortunately, the garage is between us.

We are in a rural area, so we don’t have the same “congestion” on the airwaves that you would in a city, so hopefully that helps.

The “Road Frontage” of my property is not very wide, it is only 400 Ft wide from property line to property line, and we have the 3 buildings evenly spaced inside.I figure it is something like this…
__________ _____ _________
–70 Ft — Mom 60 —70 Ft—G 25–55Ft– Me 60Ft –60 Ft–
——— —- ——–

That is how is basically laid out… Is that going to be too far? Do I need to get an extender and put it in the Garage / Shop? The only concern I have with that option is the fact that the Shop is made of metal. I’m afraid an extender inside would be pointless.

Any help would be appreciated!!! Thank you…

 I did find some sites that explain the different type of antenna’s and different types of setups:

Radio labs – Wireless and Beyond here.

Antenna Systems and Solutions here.

Comments and advice are welcome.

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