A 300 GB USB Drive from Fujitsu

Fujitsu pushes the limits of USB drives by launching a 300 GB portable. This is set for retail launch in September 2007:

“For extra security and backup convenience, the Fujitsu External HDDs are also bundled with a comprehensive Data Protection Suite for PC. Apricorn Inc.’s EZ Gig II for Windows enables a system to be backed up as an image or an exact clone, while at the same time permitting backups to be compressed into a single file, allowing individual files to be restored, and providing security with password protection. There is also the Cryptainer encryption program that helps guarantee privacy, with the AES 256 or Blowfish 448 bit encryption.”

link: Data Storage: Fujitsu Introduces the World’s Highest Capacity, Secure, 2.5″ Portable External Hard Disk Drive

The initial suggested retail price is two hundred and twenty nine dollars (229.00 USD). It is expensive but, at 300 GB, it should handle most storage needs. At this point, there is no mention of the length of time warranty on this product.

Catherine Forsythe

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