Another Useful Wireless Tip

Andrés D. Dahmen writes:

Hi Chris, I’m glad to see that you found my latest tip useful enough to make a video post. Well, I have another topic that in my opinion deserves attention, and that is as incredibly useful as it is unknown by most people.

I recently “built” (it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes) a thin foil reflector for the wireless antenna on my router. I own a regular D-Link router. It only has one antenna and I just happen to have it placed in one of the corners of my apartment. Since it’s the only place I can put it, I was having a weak signal when I used a device like my iPhone on the other side of my apartment. I live in a big apartment. (I wouldn’t have bought one, but I wish we had support for smartphones here at even payable prices; you guys are lucky). But anyway, since my router (like almost all commercial routers) has an omnidirectional antenna, I was practically wasting half of my signal sending wireless signal to where there is just no apartment.

The signal reflector helped me immensely. I now have good signal strength all over my place. It cost me almost nothing — just some ink, paper, cardboard, glue, and tin foil. I put it on the antenna and without voiding the warranty or doing anything complicated I get an enormous signal improvement — just by redirecting it. I think this is great for people who have trouble reaching some places in their homes and don’t use the signal 360 degrees. Here are a couple of links to the Web page called that guided me in building this. people can find some pictures, as well as the different kind of reflectors they can build. Thanks for all the help.

Well, I hope that we’ll soon find a DIY video on building and installing a signal reflector, and that a lot of people can find this applicable. I’m glad to be able to contribute something, and by the way it’s Andrés with pronunciation in the é and an S at the end. See you around!

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