Disable System Restore In Vista

Many of us have at one point or another installed a program or made some change that was harmful to our computer. Problems can occur when you are installing drivers for network devices (and other hardware) or another user on the network installs a program or other component that is harmful to the computer. Thankfully, Windows Vista includes a program called System Restore that addresses this issue. For example, if a user on your network accidentally deletes a program file, the computer can be easily restored without having to reinstall Windows Vista or losing any of the user’s personal data.

System Restore is enabled by default in Windows Vista. You can disable it although it is generally not advised since it will prevent you from being able to rollback changes.

If you decide to disable System Restore, you can do so using these steps:

  1. In the Start Menu’s search field, type System.
  2. Select the fourth option, called System, from the list.
  3. Click the System Protection option from the list of tasks.
  4. Remove the check beside the appropriate drive.
  5. Click Turn System Restore Off.

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