Don’t Drink the Water!

When I lived in the Phoenix area of Arizona, there were water purifying machines all over the city, and even stores that sold nothing more than purified water. This was due to the water coming from underground sources that left the water tasting hideous, and usually looking discolored. Few residents, even those in poverty, actually drank the tap water. Then I moved to the Seattle area, and was shocked when I was only able to find two water machines in the entirety of my local neighborhood. I began to talk to people and ask questions about their water drinking habits, and discovered that most people had no clue there was anything wrong with drinking tap water. I began to wonder if perhaps this was one of the reasons there appeared to be more severe health problems, mental retardation, etc. here in Seattle, compared to what I had seen in Arizona. I researched whether fluoride was added to the water here, and it certainly was, as it is in most cities. Some of you may be wondering right now why that would be a problem. Isn’t fluoride good for you? The answer is an unequivocal NO!

The first historical use of fluoride in the water was by Hitler, during World War 2. He had discovered that fluoride kept the people passive and more easily controlled. The use of it soon began to spread to other countries, and today it is used in most of the world’s water supplies. Any chemist will tell you that fluoride is a poison. Drinking fluoride on a regular basis can lead to a plethora of medical problems. Mentally it can cause brain fog, memory problems, disorientation, IQ deficits, learning disabilities, etc., due to damage to the hippocampus area of the brain. Physical symptoms of fluoride problems can cause seizures, muscle weakness, hair loss, nausea, diarrhea, electrolyte abnormalities, headaches, cardiac arrest, fluoridosis, and the list goes on. For those who believe it is good for your teeth/health, check out this link. Dental fluoridosis is a condition specifically caused by fluoride that leaves teeth mottled, discolored, and more brittle. Skeletal fluoridosis can cause joint pain, stiffness, immobility, scoliosis, bone mutations, etc.

Quite a number of years ago I lived in a small town in Iowa for a short period of time. No one had bothered to tell me that the well water in this community was extremely high in fluoride. For about a month our family drank the tap water believing it safe, because it was from a natural source. The entire family began to suffer from dental fluoridosis, extreme brain fog, headaches, stomach cramps, hair loss, nausea, and the inability to stomach food. Since this experience, I have avoided fluoride at all costs.

Fluoride is not the only problem with your tap water. First off, most of you know that the water coming out of your tap is recycled from the prior usage. This means whatever you urinated, defecated, flushed down your sink, put in the washing machine, etc., is all in your drinking water. One concern these days is the amount of drugs that are ending up in tap water from people flushing their unused pills down the toilet, or that are passed through your excretory system into the toilet. Every household chemical and toxic substance you can think of, is ending up in your water. Your local water treatment center only tests for a few chemicals, and calls it safe if these chosen few are within considered safe limits.

One of the largest problems with your tap water is created by your water company and it’s treatment programs. Chlorine is the main tool to treat tap water, and it has recently come to light how dangerous this substance is on our health. The amount of chlorine the EPA considers to be safe in your tap water is 4 parts per million. Rather odd when you consider that chlorine testing kits for your pool consider 3 ppm not safe to swim in! In studies chlorine has been found to cause rashes, free radical damage, destruction of intestinal flora, acne, DNA mutations, suppressed immune system function, problems leading to heart disease, various cancers, etc.

What to do? The best thing you can do is buy a filtering system and hook it up to your kitchen sink. Make sure it is reverse osmosis, and charcoal filtered. I use a triple filtration system I purchased online at Costco for the low price of only $150. Buying bottled water from the store, or using water machines can really cost you a lot more in the long run. When I was getting my water from store machines, I was paying almost $600 a year for a family of four. Beyond cost, there is another problem with getting bottled water. The plastics that water are stored in, contain synthetic estrogens and toxic chemicals that leech into the water. Getting a water filtration system seems to be the safest and easiest way to go.

So, you want to feel healthier and clearer of mind? Quit drinking tap water!!!

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