How to Sense Energy

Sensing energy once was a natural function of survival for everyone, and it is still one way wild animals are able to know danger is coming. Is this magic? Well, yes, and no. Yes, in that all things in life are magical , but we can define it under the laws of science. Everything in existence is electromagnetic, and registers a verifiable frequency. This frequency can be felt, and is in part why we get gut instincts about people, and situations we are in. Ever walked into a room, and *felt* what was going on? Maybe there was an angry tension, or something just seemed a little *off*. Learning how to be conscious of this energy, and understand what it is saying can be an excellent tool for a variety of purposes.

The problem is that there is so much electromagnetic bombardment occurring on a daily basis all around us, that we become numb to our own natural electromagnetic senses. There are other factors that can interfere with our belng able to sense what is going on around us, but we will leave that topic for some other time.

Learning how to tune into energies is really quite simple, and merely takes time and practice…anyone can do it. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Get a variety of different small stones, such as agates, quartz, hematite, etc. Pick up one stone, and place it in the palm of your left hand. Relax, close your eyes, and imagine your hand opening up to feel the energy of the stone. About a third or less of the population will feel something right off, so don’t be disappointed if you do not feel something initially. Wait a good 2-3 minutes. Eventually you should feel a kind of pulse coming from the stone, and often times, some kind of temperature difference. Many will tend to write this off as their own pulse, or some other such explanation. Now, try a different stone, and do the same thing. This will have a different pulse, temperature, etc. You can try this with any object, and with practice, you can eventually learn psychometry.
  • Have someone sit still, or lay down for you. Take your hands, and place them about 6 inches above the person’s body. Once again, open up, and allow yourself to feel the energy of the person. With your palms facing toward them, move your hands forward in small increments. As you do, the energy will change. You may even feel a small resistance as you get very close, about an inch or less away, as if something is gently pushing against your hands. How does the energy feel? What are your emotions as you are feeling the energy? Are any images coming into your mind? With practice, this can lead to healing abilities, or the ability to give psychic readings.
  • Go out into public places being open to, and aware of the the feelings and thoughts that you pick up around you. Try to identify them, and where they are coming from.
  • Practice feeling out decisions before using logic to figure them out. For example, see what your gut instinct says when buying a used car, and then look logically at why you might be feeling this way. Perhaps you even get an image of a possible problem in the car. Look it over, and see if you might be right. If you do end up purchasing the car, see if your instinct turned out to be right.
  • Learn to listen to your 5 senses, and be more of a sensual person. Sensuality is the gateway to proper functioning of your higher senses.
  • If you are having difficulty while trying to sense objects or people, rub your hands swiftly together for about 20-30 seconds. This will help to awaken your senses.

The most important thing is practice!!! Side effects of learning this natural skill include a better awareness of what is going on around you, and being in more conscious control of your life.

Warning: Learning to sense energy, and other such practices will lead to more paranormal events occurring around you, and the possibility of latent powers being unleashed.

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