The Number One Thing Making Me Happy Today Is….

Cash Rules Everything Around Me..that I’m very close to having more of a business, and less of an owned job.

What’s an owned job?

It’s when you’re the center of the universe in your business, so that if you get sick, or tired, or want to go on vacation, business stops. For a while, a long while, my business was set up so that I could, at any time, hand it over to someone else as a turnkey operation, easy peasy. I’d take half of the year off and my business would run virtually, without me.

Of course, to get it that way, I had to be the star of the show, and everything had to be all about me. At first I did and was, everything.

Being a naturally shy person, I hated that, but at the time I had no choice. Between me and my partners, we’re now getting to the point that we can outsource every single thing we do that doesn’t affect the bottom line.

Why is this important to you?

Because if you are starting off in a new business, especially online, the most important thing you can do is map out a system for everything that happens in your business that you can supervise instead of ending up doing it yourself.

Earlier this year, I realized that I do two things that ever make me money. 1- Market my business (or myself) and 2 – Create products. (At one time I did services too, but I did them one on one so it sucked up all my time.)

So the question then become – why the $#@! do I ever do ANYTHING else???


How can I ever complain about money if I’m not doing the things that make me money? Duh!

And yet, all these other things have to get done in business, at some point. So what’s a solo entrepreneur to do?

You get help, and you outsource. I brought two more partners aboard, in the interest of phasing me out within a year. Now there are four of us, and each of us are going to replicate ourselves so that we’re only doing the things we do best, and outsource everything else. (That’s a famous quote. I dare not Google it to say who it was because I’ll go off task again.)

Until you do this, you’re just the owner of your job, where in the 9 to 6 world, someone else owned your job. It’s still a job. It’s not a lifestyle change or anything else, it’s just a time shift.

So, unless you have a business just so you can scrape by, as opposed to being successful, take my advice. Don’t suffer like I did. Make as much as possible about your business systematic, and keep your productive time focused on making money.

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