Gamers Wanted to Participate in MainStream World Series of Video Games

Hardcore video gamers are usually thought to be teenage boys with messy hair who stay up all night with their eyes glued to the computer screen in front of them. However, passionate gamers come in all sexes, ages, and economic brackets.

Matt Ringel, commissioner of the World Series of Video Games, is currently offering normal people an opportunity to compete in the series that began on July 5th, in Dallas. This latest event, which could have winners taking home thousands of dollars in prize money will have them competing using a handful of popular titles, including Guitar Hero II, World of Warcraft, and Quake 3. While the series is in its second year, Ringel’s ultimate goal is to bring the best gamers together in a TV-ready venture to give the gaming world some cross-over appeal.

Ringel’s hope is that by having viewers witness the games that they will become familiar with some popular gamers and that he can then present story lines as part of a TV package with CBS. His success in this venture is already beginning, as CBS will be airing four appearances from the World Series event this summer.  If this works, it will give viewers an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the top players making a reality show involving gamers a possible success. A similar strategy in Asia, according to Ringel, has made the top players their “rock stars”.

In the current event series, a carnival atmosphere abounds with live play-by-play accounts and judges giving their opinions on the plays. Similar to college basketballs’ March Madness life-size Formula 1 cars serve as racing simulators, monitoring the progress of the game.

Given that viewers enjoy watching American Idol, competition appears to be a draw that many in the viewing audience can already relate to making the only thing that the series will lack being Ryan Seacrest. So all you gamers out there hone your skills and save your money for next year’s series bout and you may find yourself competing against some big names in the gaming world.

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