Katie Couric Regrets Move To CBS

In an article from the Associated Press, an interview recently done with Katie Couric has her stating the move has been less than satisfying. Reasons cited are the recent forced changes back to the same format used by CBS Evening News for years.

Far from moving up in the ratings, the CBS offering is still third, and no movement seems possible at this time. Ms. Couric has been dressing differently than when first at the post, she has been conducting fewer interviews, and the outside opinion part of the newscast has been completely removed. [This was done almost immediately after her arrival at CBS, as Bill Maher was quick to point out on his show, Real Time.]

Apparently a pretty face, sitting in front of the camera, from behind a desk, was all that was needed at CBS, and Ms. Couric’s new theme song should be ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’.

Too bad, as she also brought a brain, used for more than rote repetition of the news.


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